Y.E.S. English Academy (Fraser Valley Leaders Club)

The Mission Public School District is pleased to partner with Y.E.S. English Academy and the “Fraser Valley Leaders Club” – an innovative, world class program providing the opportunity for Korean students to attend school in Canada while maintaining their Korean curriculum studies.

The Fraser Valley Leaders Club is a Korean program created by Y.E.S. English Academy in cooperation with Mission School District.  The program provides a safe and supportive English immersion atmosphere in which students can learn English quickly with the support of excellent teachers.

Y.E.S. English Academy provides Mission School District’s only after school program supporting Korean elementary students. Unaccompanied Korean elementary students who wish to attend Mission School District are expected to enrol through our only official Korean partner, the Y.E.S. English Academy “Fraser Valley Leaders Club”.

The Fraser Valley Leaders Club provides:

Full integration with Canadian students
Excellent ESL/ELL and counselling support
Strong language and math programs
Full participation in all school academics, athletics, artistic and cultural activities
A district sponsored homestay program

Our Homestay Program is coordinated by the school district and homestay families are selected very carefully. Homestays provide a safe and nurturing family who will help students make friends, learn English and feel emotionally supported.

We welcome your children to join our program.

For more information or to contact Y.E.S. English Academy, please visit the Fraser Valley Leaders Club website.